Questions and Answers

1. What is Bluetooth®?
Bluetooth® technology is a global standard that enables different electronic devices to connect to each other wirelessly. A Bluetooth mobile phone supporting Hands-Free Profile (HFP) is required to use UConnect.

2. What is UConnect Hands-Free Communication?
UConnect is an in-vehicle voice-activated communication system that allows you to talk on your Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile mobile phone virtually hands-free. The system uses a microphone in the rearview mirror (microphone on the A Pillar in some aftermarket vehicles) and allows you to hear the person on the other end of the phone through the vehicle's radio speakers.

3. What features are offered with UConnect?
- UConnect uses advanced voice recognition that empowers you to dial your Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile mobile phone using simple voice commands.
- The built-in address book enables you to store customized names and phone numbers.
- UConnect allows you to transfer a call from the vehicle's system to your Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile mobile phone and you can mute the microphone for private conversations.
- All Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile mobile phone functions can be accessed through UConnect (3-way calling, caller identification, mute, etc., if available on the wireless phone).
- UConnect can communicate in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Dutch.
- You can link up to seven different Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile mobile cellular phones to one UConnect system.

4. How do I pair my phone?
Pairing instructions can be found on this Web site by selecting the main menu heading "Owner Support," then selecting "How to Pair Your Phone." They can also be found in the vehicle and phone's owner's manuals. Instructions vary slightly from phone to phone.

5. Is my phone compatible?
Not all phones with Bluetooth are compatible with the UConnect system. Software versions of phones affect the system's ability to operate correctly. Every manufacturer has a slightly different version of the Bluetooth software. It is best to confirm your phone's compatibility with the most up-to-date list located on this Web site by selecting the main menu heading "Getting Started," then selecting "Compatible Phones." Additional phones supporting the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile that are not listed may be compatible with UConnect, but have not been tested.

6. My phone is paired and connected and I can call out, but there is a marked delay before the caller can hear me and I can hear the caller. Is something wrong with my phone?
No, this is a delay with the phone's audio channel opening up. The delay varies with phones.

7. My phone keeps dropping the connection? Why?
This may occur in phones that are not 100 percent compatible with the UConnect System. Try setting the phone's Bluetooth setting to automatic (see phone's owner's manual for details). Also try resetting the phone by turning it off or removing the phone's battery.

8. I changed the language by accident. How do I change it back?
a. First, press the (Voice Recognition) button that has the graphic of a person speaking.
b. After the prompt, say "system setup."
c. Press the (Voice Recognition) button again.
d. After the prompt, say English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Dutch to change to that language.

9. How can I dial an extension number?
During a call, press the (Voice Recognition) button that has the graphic of a person speaking. Then say the extension number you wish to dial, followed by "send." For example, to send 1234, say "1234 send."

10. How do I set up my phonebook?
To add entries to the UConnect phonebook, press the (Phone) button that has the graphic of a phone handset. After the prompt, say "phone book." Then simply follow the prompts to add entries. The radio's touch screen can also be used to manage your system's phonebook.

11. What is voice training for?
Voice training may assist in improved voice recognition. This may help users who are experiencing difficulty with the system recognizing their voice commands or numbers.

12. Why are there buttons on my radio if I don't have the phone kit?
Most of our vehicles come factory-equipped to support UConnect. If your vehicle was not originally purchased with this feature and you would like to add it, please contact a dealership to inquire about Mopar® solutions that offer the same functionality.

Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.